Art Land appeared in the movie Mars Attacks!. Is  Barbara Land's husband. He is a sleazebag land developer who only concern is doing a fast buck, and dresses in gaudy attire, fueling the stereotype of hustlers who dress poorly. His plan is to build a new casino/hotel on the Las Vegas strip which he will call the Galaxy Hotel, making a conference with foreign investors in the Landmark Bingo Hotel in Las Vegas. He is a sleazy,slouchy and a chronic alcoholic investor who dresses as a Texas cowboy and a gambler. Art is a close friend of Byron Williams, who persuaded him to beat one of his corrupt workers to receive a small payment,but Byron denied. Barbara said he is corrupt and very sneaky,full of ambition. Art died when the Earth globe of the Landmark Bingo Hotel office rolled over him and threw him out of the building about to crash when the Martians blasted it.

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