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Lord Barkis Bittern is the true main antagonist of Corpse Bride. He is a wealthy newcomer who pretends to marry wealthy young girls then murders them so he can steal their fortune.

He was responsible for Emily's death, whom he murdered in order to steal her dowry. Bittern attempted to repeat this pattern with Victoria Everglot, but was stopped by Victor Van Dort, Victoria's fiance. Emily then orders Barkis out of the church, but he drinks poisoned wine before going and becomes undead. The other zombies then overwhelm him and he pays the price for his crimes.

He is 41-years-old. Barkis also has a large enormous chin and white slick hair. He is very sophisticated and Finis and Maudeline Everglot decided to marry Victoria because of his apparent wealth. When the undead invaded their boring and depressive marriage, he got scared and wanted to flee with Victoria and her dowry, but she despised him and left, turning him angry. Then he returns to the church and confronts Victor in a furious fight. When he loses and discriminates Emily because of her death and drinks the poisoned wine, turning undead and being punished by the other undeads in a room when they start devouring him alive. Barkis is responsible to make Victor's disappearance looks like he left the town with another woman, then he could marry Victoria and proceed in his plan.


Barkis Bittern's personality is a cowardly, malicious man who always has his eye on an evil plan to get whatever he wants, even if he has to fight for it. He is also incredibly selfish and greedy as he murders for more fortune of only himself.

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