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"Whoa, Sandworms. Ya hate 'em right? I HATE 'EM MESELF!"

Betelgeuse is the titular antagonist of Beetlejuice. He attempts to marry Lydia Deetz against her will. He is played by Michael Keaton.

Role in the movie[]

Betelgeuse first appears in the movie not long after the Maitlands die. He is reading the newspaper "The Afterlife", and he spots them in the obituaries, and states that they look like "a cute couple. Nice and Stupid."

The Maitlands are then told by Juno that Betelgeuse has been sleazing around in their model Cemetary latley. He is then seen seducing, capturing and devouring a housefly.

He then is properly introduced when he is called on by the Maitlands to get the Deetzes out of their house. Betelgeuse eventually does so by turning into a giant rattle-snake and tossing the Deetzes around (against the Maitlands wishes). He then spends the rest of the movie plotting to marry Lydia to escape for good. He vanishes the Maitlands away, but Barbara comes back with a sandworm, which swallows Betelgeuse whole.

He is last seen in the Afterlife waiting room, foolishly angering a witch doctor, who then shrinks his head, however Betelgeuse remains upbeat and says "this could be a good look for me."


  • Betelgeuse appears in the Beetlejuice TV series, where he is portrayed as more of an anti-hero rather than an antagonist, he was also best friends with Lydia.