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Billy Glenn Norris is a secondary character in Mars Attacks!. He was portrayed by Jack Black.


He is the older brother of Richie Norris that he despises and the son of Sue An and Glenn Norris. He also have a girlfriend, Sharona.


When the Martians arrive on Earth, Billy trains to reload a rifle, being hired as a soldier to go to Nevada. He then bids farewell to his family before leaving by bus. Although surprised to discover the Martians, he quickly jumps into action in battle and retrieves a rifle from a disintegrated soldier. Enraged, he runs towards the aliens to shoot him but realizes at the last moment that the weapon is discharged. Panicked, he grabs a flag which he surrenders but is disintegrated, under the shocked eyes of his parents who see everything live on television.

A funeral is later held in his honor.