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Christmas Town is a Holiday World solely representing the holiday of Christmas. In the Hinterlands, there is a Christmas tree shaped door that serves as a portal to Christmas Town. Christmas Town is also one of the locations featured in Nightmare Before Christmas.


Nightmare Before Christmas[]

When Jack Skellington and his pet ghost dog Zero come across the Hinterlands, they become curious with different odd-shaped and colored doors, standing in a circle. Jack becomes fascinated with the door shaped like a Christmas tree and when he opens it, he only finds an empty dark void. But before Jack and Zero could do anything else, a gust of snow pulls Jack through the door, leaving Zero behind as the door slams shut. Jack falls through a vortex of snow as enters a different Holiday World. When Jack sees Christmas Town, he is completely awestruck and amazed by his new surroundings and how there's nothing scary, unlike his home of Halloween Town. As Jack explores the town and sings out his excitement and wonder over his new discoveries, he bumps into a pole. Recovering, Jack looks up and notices a sign that says "Christmas Town." Then, Jack hears a door open and through the doorway, he sees a silhouette of Santa Claus, making him even more curious.

Jack, along with Zero, eventually returns to Halloween Town, with some souvenirs from Christmas Town, so he can tell everyone in Halloween Town about Christmas.

On Christmas Eve, in Christmas Town, Santa is finishing checking his naughty-and-nice list right before he hears his doorbell ring. When he opens the door, Santa finds Lock, Shock, and Barrel who kidnap him and take him to Halloween Town as Jack planned to take over Christmas and deliver presents to the world's children.

Later, after Jack nearly ruined Christmas and saved Santa, along with Sally, from Oogie Boogie, Santa possibly returns to Christmas Town to get into his sleigh as he travels around the world so fast, getting rid of all the monstrous toys and gives good toys to all the world's children. In the end, it's presumed that Santa immediately returned to Christmas Town after Santa flies over Halloween Town and makes it snow there.



  • Christmas Town, along with Halloween Town, is one of the Holiday Worlds presented in The Nightmare Before Christmas.
  • In real life, Santa Claus is said to live up in the North Pole and since Christmas Town is a snowy climate, it can be assumed that Christmas Town is located in the North Pole.

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