Delia Deetz is Charles Deetz' wife and the step mother of Lydia Deetz. She is a character from Tim Burton's Beetlejuice.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Delia is a redhead with short hair, has blueish green eyes and bright red lipstick

Personality[edit | edit source]

Delia is portrayed as an overdramatic artist as well as a perfectionist. She is constantly criticizing her husband Charles and criticizes her step-daughter Lydia for being a Goth and for constantly complaining. Kind of a bitch, but I love her in the musical. Delia is very self-centered and puts her own interests before her husband and step-daughter. She's also known to be extremely clueless and has no respect for the dead, proving as much when assuming the Maitlands hanged themselves and lauging at a remark about suicidal people spending the afterlife as civil servants. She seems blase to the idea of turning her home into a glorified haunted house, even welcoming the idea as a mean for gaining exposure for her art, until Otho uses the Maitland's handbook to cause the Maitlands to appear with the intent of exorcising them, though no one knows what that really means. When Delia sees Barbara and Adam, dressed in their wedding clothes and clearly in distress, she begins to have second thoughts. Trying to help, Lydia summons Beetlejuice, who causes two of Delia's sculptures to come to life, trapping herself and Charles who watch in horror as Lydia is forced to marry Beetlejuice. When the Maitlands succeed in banishing Beetlejuice, Delia and Charles are grateful to them for saving Lydia. Following this incident, Delia becomes accepting of the Maitlands and more of a mother figure to Lydia. When she drops her attitude, Delia becomes more adept at sculpting, even managing to make a replica of Beetlejuice's snake form.

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