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Donald Kessler is a minor character in Mars Attacks! and the rival of Jason Stone. He is a brilliant scientist and lover of Natalie Lake, even being an important guest on her TV show, where she falls for him. He studied the Martians' anatomy and affirmed that they could be peaceful creatures made of carbon with the gift of reading minds potentially. Donald was usually smoking with a long pipe. He also added Dr. Zeigler on the projection of the translator computer. During the second contact the Martian Ambassador in his peace speech, unleashing slaughter in the Congress, he was captured and quartered in the Mother Ship.

Whilst unconscious, Donald was dismembered by the Martian scientists leaving only his head animated. He found company in a fellow experiment to his delight turned out to be Nathalie Lake. Like him Nathalie’s body had been experimented on, her own head place on her pet dog chihuahua. Despite her appearance he still found her charming and found solace in her company.

When the humans launched a counterattack against the Martians, the Mothership lost control from its pilots. Donald’s Head was knocked from its place, along with Nathalie’s. Before the ship began plummeting to Earth he shared a first and final kiss with Nathalie.

Donald apparently died with Natalie and Poppy when the Mother Ship sank in the ocean.