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Edgar "E" Gore is a major antagonist who appeared in the 2012 animated version of Fankenweenie.

He is voiced by Atticus Shaffer in the movie.


Edgar "E" Gore is a 10 years old needy misfit who doesn't have friends but is desperate to be Victor Frankenstein's partner for the science fair. In his attempts to be accepted 'E' tends to mess things up and often fails to think before he speaks. Even though 'E' promises not to tell Victor's secret, he accidentally spills the beans. He is Weird Girl's love interest, but he doesn't know about Weird Girl's crush on him.


  • Edgar's facial appearance is similar of Emily's Maggot.
  • Edgar resembles the living version of Igor from The Nightmare Before Christmas.
  • Edgar E Gore is a younger version of Ygor.
  • Edgar is deformed, from the feet and hands.
  • Edgar's hairstyle, hunchback and bee striped dress mimics Kitarou from Hakaba Kitaro.