Esmeralda is a minor character in Edward Scissorhands. She is one of the neighborhood women who took a disliking to Edward, believing him to be an evil creature.

She was portrayed by O-Lan Jones.

Personality[edit | edit source]

A parody of a reactionary Born-Again Christian, Esmeralda is very religious and mainly judges people and things by appearance.

Edward Scissorhands[edit | edit source]

She first appears warning 'The Boggs' that Edward is evil. She is then shown telling the neighborhood women to push Edward away. After the neighborhood women start getting suspicious about Edward, Esmeralda tells them that she was right. She is then shown playing “We Three Kings“ on her organ and Edward scares her by cutting the bush outside her house into a topiary of the devil. She then comes out of her home later to report the damage Edward caused. She is then shown with the mob of the neighborhood residents running up to Edward’s mansion. It is shown that after Kim tells everyone that Edward died, she, along with the other neighborhood people, return home. Afterwards, it is completely unknown what happened to Esmeralda. It can be assumed that she passed away after the incidents.

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