Joyce Monroe is a character in Edward Scissorhands and the movie's secondary antagonist. Joyce is friends with Peg Boggs, Helen and Marge. However, when Peg isn’t around, they gossip behind her back on the phones. She's portrayed by Kathy Baker.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Joyce is an active and seductive woman in her early 40s, who craves excitement, sex and attention from men. She’s the leader of a group of nosy housewives who trade in gossip and spread rumours.

Edward Scissorhands[edit | edit source]

In the film, it is shown that she invites men over like a plumber, despite her being married. She is one of the people that Peg visited trying to sell her makeup products. She then berates Peg for “interrupting“ her. When Peg brought Edward, she immediately developed a crush on him. When she got him alone in her beauty salon, she tried to seduce him but accidentally scared him away. She then lied to the neighbourhood women that Edward attempted to seduce her. She is then shown leading the hate-mob against Edward to Edward’s mansion. When the police try to deceive them into thinking that he is dead and tell them to return home, she refuses and declares that she wants to see for herself, so she and the mob continue to the mansion. After Kim tells everyone that he died, Joyce, shocked and guilty at what she had done, reluctantly returns home. It‘s unknown what happened to Joyce, it can be assumed she passed away.

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