"Kim Boggs" is a cheerleader that falls in love with Edward and the main deuteragonist of Edward Scissorhands.

Appearance Edit

She appears to be very beautiful young girl with strawberry blonde hair

Personality: Kind, caring, loving and a free spiritEdit


At first she found him weird sad and scary but came to pity him. It started with Kim's mother bringing Edward home. Everyone in the neighborhood disapproves of this (including Kim) but she still follows. one day wanting money for a van Jim jealously takes advantage of Edward's ability to pick locks. And uses this to break in his parent's house. The burglar alarm sounds everyone except Edward flees after he is trapped by the alarm system despite Kim's furious insistence that they go back for him. The next day while the family is setting up Christmas decorations, Edward creates a large ice angel sculpture in the backyard. The shavings create an effect of falling snow which Kim dances under. Jim out of envy calls out to Edward which causes him to cut Kim's hand by accident. Jim lies and says Edward purposely hurt her and attacks him. Edward runs away and Kim fed up with Jim jealousy breaks up with him causing him to leave to his friend's van. Edward returns to Kim alone at the Boggs' house. Asking him to hold her but he is scared he might hurt her but they embrace for a long time anyway. Later Edward saves Kevin but is mistaken to be attacking him so he flees to his mansion with vengeful neighborhood people after him. Kim runs to the mansion and they reunite. Jim follows her,and attacks the two again. Edward out of defense stabs Jim in the stomach and he falls out the window. Kim confesses her love for Edward and the have a kiss before saying goodbye. Kim returning downstairs, lies the two males fought to death and the roof fell upon Edward killing him showing them a disembodied scissor hand from the lab. The neighborhood leaves and Joyce is left feeling guilty. In the end, an elderly woman (who is revealed to be Kim) tells her granddaughter the last of the story, saying she never saw Edward again. She chose not to visit because she wants him to remember her the way she was in her teens and mentions he is still alive as he is seemingly immortal and is artificial and can never age. It is revealed he creates the towns snow by carving ice sculptures which scatter ice shavings over the neighborhood below. She tells her granddaughter she can still be seen dancing under it and a flashback of her dancing is shown.