Marsha Dale is the wife of James Dale. She appeared in Mars Attacks!. She is 52-years-old. When she hears of the Martians' arrival, she is at first disgusted by their appearance, and wonders if she will have to get along with the bride of the Martian Leader the same way she is expected to meet the wives of foreign leaders. When it is later proven that the Martians are hostile, the Secret Service ramps up security to protect her and her husband from attack. This proves true as there is an assassination attempt from the Martian Girl whilst she is in bed with her husband. Several Secret Service agents sacrifice themselves to thwart the assassination. Although the Secret Service manages to get Mr. Dale to safety, they fail with Mrs. Dale as she is more preoccupied that the Martian ray gun severed a fancy chandelier more so that an attempt was made of her and her husband's lives. When the chandelier fell atop her, James was crying and depressed with her death,but he was forced to leave her corpse there, while the Martians were confronted. Her fascination with the White House decoration proves her undoing as she dies from the chandelier falling atop her, making her the first member of the presidential family to be killed by the Martian invasion. The chandelier of her was a gift of Nancy Reagan and she was very obsessed with the ex-first ladies fashion and decoration of the rooms.

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