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The Martian Ambassador acted as Ambassador for the Martians when the arrive on Earth to deceive the humans in surprise attacks. He was the secondary antagonist of Mars Attacks!.


As every Martian in the movie, The Martian Ambassador is a mean, dark figure that speaks through constant use of the word "Ack", but his duty is far more superior than the other Martians. Not only he is the Martian representative in Earth's government, but the Martian Leader's second-in-command, meaning he also has a huge influence over the invading troops.

Role in the movie[]

The Martian Ambassador is the first Martian to appear in the movie, broadcasting a TV signal to the whole world that is completely misunderstood. When The Martian Ambassador arrives in the Nevada Desert, a mass attack occurs that kills several people. The Ambassador later appears at the US Congress to sign a peace offering, but once again attacks the humans and escapes. After the Martians destroy many famous landmarks, The Ambassador begins to organize an army in the remains of Las Vegas, but a small group led by former wrestler Byron Williams and singer Tom Jones happens to find a plane next to their location. Byron decides to stay and engages the Martians to a fistfight as a distraction, provoking The Ambassador into being the first opponent. However, his "skills" are proven useless as Byron cracks his helmet, making him breathe Earth's atmosphere, killing him.