The Martian Girl was an otherwise unnamed Martian undercover agent sent to assassinate President James Dale. After the first attack of the Martians, their scientists are later seen studying captured Earth weapons and other artifacts, to include a Playboy magazine showing a girl with a big blonde bouffant. It can be surmised that the Martian Girl disguise was based on the Playboy pinup.

The Martian Girl gains access to the White House thanks to Press Secretary Jerry Ross, who gives her a private, after-hours tour. He takes her to a secret room called the "Kennedy Roon" in the hopes of having sex with her, but when he tried to remove her gum after kissing her, she bit off his finger, then clubbed him with a bronze statuette, knocking him out and presumably killing him.

With her disguise partially exposed, she made her way to the Lincoln Bedroom, unmasked, and prepares to assassinate President Dale, only for the First Dog, Rusty, to wake up and start barking, prompting her to incinerate him.

Unfortunately, the mission fell completely apart as Rusty's barking woke Dale and First Lady Marsha Dale, alerting them to the Girl's presence, and causing them to call the Secret Service for help. In a last-ditch effort, the Martian Girl took Dale hostage, only to get distracted by a parakeet, which resulted in her being shot dead.

One could argue the Martian Girl was not very competent, however, her being startled by the dog and bird could be foreshadowing to how the Martians are ultimately defeated.

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

  • The Martian Girl was played by Lisa Marie, which was the only live-action Martian shown in the film (all other Martians were computer-generated images). Marie said in an interview about the film that the makeup process was very detailed (as is for Burton films). Lisa Marie did not need big hair, but colossal hair by wearing two blonde wigs! Adhesives were used on the Martian girl disguise to prevent the wigs from falling off her head.
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