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The Martian Leader was the leader of all the Martians. He wore a dark purple robe. He was the main antagonist of Mars Attacks!.


The Martian Leader is equally insane and destructive as every other Martian in the movie, but his influence also helps in making him crazier. Not only he is a mastermind, but also a rigid political leader, but still a little steriotypical: he does nothing more than staying on his ship and giving orders, smacking his minions when they fail, and creating the strategies and schemes to destroy Earth's government. Although he is a very influencial figure in his army, he is only seen interacting with one of his henchman, the Martian Ambassador, and he never interacted with any human character in the movie except for reporter Natalie Lake (whose head was being used in his experiments) and President Dale. The Leader is bloodthirsty, cruel, destructive, merciless and murderous. He enjoys Playboy magazine.

Role in the movie[]

His first appearance is after the Nevada Desert attack, when President Dale and Professor Kessler try to send the Martians a peace offering, which is translated to their language so they can read it. However, once the Ambassador shows the message to the Leader, they burst out laughing and decide to pretend like they accepted. Their plan succeeds as the US Congress is destroyed and Professor Kessler is kidnapped.

He is later seen watching the Martian Girl's attempt to assassinate the president, but goes beserk once she is gunned down by the president's secret service, ordering a massive attack on Washington D.C. After the First Lady is killed and President Dale's daughter, Taffy, goes missing, he enables the USA's nuclear arsenal in hopes of destroying the Leader's saucer, but fails again. When the Martian Leader corners President Dale, having killed off most of his defence force, the president decides to stand firm and makes a heartfelt speech (this is a particularly focal point in the movie, as up until that point the president had always read from a prepared statement). The Martian Leader looks genuinely touched by this, as he sheds a tear and extends his hand in friendship. When President Dale shakes it, the hand detatches. It was a robot hand! The hand then stabs the president with its metal tail and sticks out of his corpse, a flag pops out of its tail declaring the planet in the name of Mars.

The Leader is only seen again at the ending, when outcast Richie Norris and his grandmother broadcast a high-frequency yodel music (Slim Whitman's Indian Love Call) that is sent worldwide, blowing up the Martian's heads. The Leader is the final Martian to die, as his head finally explodes, and his saucer crashes into the water, also killing Donald Kessler and Natalie Lake.