Nathalie Lake is a "fashion expert" and television personality that had her head transplanted onto the body of a Chihuahua by Martians.

Biography[edit | edit source]

During the Spring of 1996, the viewer is introduced to an array of characters, scattered across various U.S. states. Among them is a beautiful, young woman named Nathalie Lake. She officially resides in New York City and earns a respectable living as a fashion journalist and television personality for a local news affiliate. Lake is a recognizable figure in the eyes of the American viewing audience as the lead hostess of a daytime fashion-oriented talk show called "Today in Fashion". Her success appears to have given her a kind of "celebrity" status. She shares a well-kept apartment building with her live-in boyfriend, local Global New Network (GNN) anchorman and fellow news rival, Jason Stone. Lake is often seen in the presence of her beloved canine companion, a female pet Chihuahua whom she calls Poppy.

When the nation is suddenly gripped by the pending arrival of a large Martian fleet -- hurling its way toward Earth, Lake becomes the first (and only) media figure to be granted a sit-down interview with British Astronautics professor and loyal President's aid, Donald Kessler. She is instantly drawn to Kessler's vast knowledge of outer space and charming good looks. So much so, that their on-air discussion quickly evolves into a playful flirtation, which leaves her boyfriend shocked and disgruntled. The network's broadcast is later interrupted by a direct transmission from the Mothership, with the Martian Ambassador coming into full view and speaking in an undecipherable dialect -- unfamiliar to the people of Earth. Lake is not only terrified, but is quickly appalled by the Ambassador's skull-like appearance and enormous cranium. She soon falls into the arms of the Professor as a means of comfort and perceived safety, although the Ambassador is only visible to her over the network's television sets.

Shortly after this incident, Lake and her pet Chihuahua arrive on location in the small desert town of Pahrump, Nevada, where she is set to report on the Martians' arrival to the masses, along with several other news stations across the country. Also present is Lake's boyfriend, reporting exclusively for GNN. She thinks nothing of it at first. Lake initially believes that the Martians have come to Earth with peaceful intentions and that everything will go as planned, with the entire meeting becoming an important and lasting piece of American history. All of these dreams are shattered when chaos erupts and the Martian Army lashes out against the American people and humanity in general, with little provocation.

The ensuing massacre is thought to have been in retaliation to a dove that was released by a hippie in the vast crowd of spectators, which the Martians initially perceived as a threat. Lake quickly finds herself in the center of a full-on battle between the Martian Army and several members of the United States Military. After Stone witnesses her fall from atop a news van, he sets out to reach her -- crawling on both his hands and knees in an attempt to rescue his girlfriend. Stone soon comes to within mere inches of Lake and offers his hand as a lifeline, which she willingly accepts. While grasping his hand, she is quickly horrified when she finally looks up to see the charred remains of Jason Stone, after he had been fatally struck by the sharp beam of a Martians' ray gun. Lake faints almost immediately, with her pet Chihuahua at her side. Both Lake and her pet Chihuahua are eventually kidnapped by the retreating Martians and taken aboard the Mothership as viewers and fellow survivors look on in fear and disgust.

When she finally awakens, Lake quickly finds herself aboard the Mothership, wearing nothing more than her underwear and matching boots. She is imprisoned inside of a large glass egg along with her pet Chihuahua, unaware of the fact that they are being closely observed by the Martian Leader. Lake is obviously fearful of him, along with the uncertainty of what lies ahead of her. At this point, Lake's only means of comfort comes by holding her pet Chihuahua close to her chest. A Martian surgeon is later seen carrying a glass jar through the corridors of the Mothership. The same surgeon approaches a group of other co-surgeons who are crowded around the body of Nathalie Lake. As the team of doctors are hastily finishing their work, the former surgeon lifts the odd-shaped container high above Lake's body, revealing its contents. Lake's loosely decapitated head is visible from within its walls. The team of surgeons come together to present her with the barking head of her pet Chihuahua, which has now been tightly grafted onto the body of its former self. She screams upon first glance as a member of the surgical team sadistically smiles back at her.

Lake later meets up with Kessler a second time, after he becomes involved in a similar, yet surprisingly different abduction conducted by the Martians. He befalls a similar fate as he is later decapitated, with most of his severed limbs and organs dangling at his side, while a machine is pumping continuously in order for his head to remain animated. She continues to flirt with him, despite their grotesque appearances. The couple later fall madly in love with one another as humanity finally figures out the key in defeating the invading Martians. Both Lake and Kessler's heads later become unhinged as they profess their love for the final time. They share a passionate kiss as the Mothership plunges into the ocean. Everyone aboard either drowns or is instantly killed as a result of the crash.

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